1. The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is delighted to announce that scholarships under the M.Sc. Scholarship Programm for the acadmic year 2014-15 are open for application from eligible member countries (*). The scholarships will be awareded to successful applicants starting from September 2014.
  2. The Programme offers scholarships to promising students in disciplines that enhance development in the IDB member countries, such as Science and Technology subjects, Engineering, Agriculture and Medicine. Under the scholarship, selected candidates will pursue a two years Master Degree in an IDB member country institutions. Three (3) of the scholarships are allocated for study in Statistics and related disciplines such as Applied Statistics, Demography and Econometrics.
  3. The Scholarship covers tuition fees, cost of living allowance, medical coverage, round-trip air tickets, clothing/ books allowance, computer allowance, conference participation allowance and research allowances.
  4. The applicant must meet the following eligible criteria:
  • Be a citizen of an eligible member country (*).
  • Age not over 30 years.
  • Has a bachelor degree or its equivalent in Science & Technology subjects with a good grade.
  • Be nominated by an academic research institution in the home country.
  • Must return to home country on completion of study.
  • Not a recipient of another scholarship.
  • Be medically fit and willing to undergo medical examination after selection.
  1. Applicant for Statistics and related disciples must meet the following additional criteria:
  • The bachelor degree should be in statistics and related subjects.
  • Must have permanent employment with at least one year experience as Statistician in a member country Statistics Department or institution.
  • Must return to home country on completion of study.
  1. The prospective applicant may obtain the application form from the office the IDB governor in his/her country of download it from the IDB website: www.isdb.org .
  2. The application form must be properly completed and submitted, together with all the requisite documents, to the office of the IDB governor for his/her country for onward submission to IDB. The application must reach the concerned IDB governor’s office its designated office January 31, 2014. Applications sent directly to the IDB will not be considered.

Scholarship Division

Islamic Development Bank

P.O.Box 5952, Jeddah 21432, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-2-646 6833; Fax:  +966-2-646 6887; Email: scholar@isdb.org

(*) Eligibale member countries:       Afghanistan, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Comoros, Djibouti,

                                                            Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Maldives, Mali,

                                                            Mauritania, Mozambique, Niger, Palestine, Sierra Leone,

                                                            Somalia, Togo, Ugandan & Yemen