Technical Assistant on Financial Accounting and Management


Technical Assistant on Financial Accounting and Management


SOEs General Directorate

Functional Area

Finance Management


1 Year (Possibility of extension)

Number of position


Date Announced

18 June 2013

Closing Date

30 June 2013

Location of Job

Kabul- Afghanistan (With Occasional Travel to Provinces)


The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has a clearly defined role serving the government and people of Afghanistan, in terms of mobilizing revenue and managing government finance.  And a key priority for MoF is sound expenditure management and increased revenue mobilization to ensure fiscal sustainability. The MoF involves implementing numerous critical actions that will improve MoF’s organizational structure, its management processes, capacity building, communications and the use of external technical assistance, and also have a significant impact on the next steps toward promoting good governance. In implementing the strategic plan, particularly in preparing the annual plans, more detailed human resource development and assessment of the required physical resources (buildings and equipment) will be undertaken. Capacity building of Ministry staff is an essential component of the plan. Recruitment is based on merit based criteria, and performance based human resource management, training and pay reform.

Organizational Context

The Ministry of Finance, Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA), is responsible to mobilize revenue and manage government finances, support economic management and promote economic growth. GoIRA is also responsible for the management of the public assets and their stewardship, promote good governance and implement best practices in administration, including canons of financial administration in SoEs.

State Owned Enterprises (SoEs) in Afghanistan have 100% investment of the GoIRA. SoEs Department in the Ministry of Finance is responsible for operational and financial oversights of SoEs, development of adequate financial and accounting system for SoEs, stewardship of their assets, maintenance of transparent procedures for their operation and working and for ensuring optimal utilization of the public assets for revenue generation and service delivery to the people of Afghanistan.

SoEs are engaged in a range of activities, including but not limited to, construction of public buildings, irrigation and canal infrastructure facilities; mining and distribution of coal and gas and production of fertilizer and cement; hospitality and tourism; trading; textile including cotton and wool cloths; production, import and provision of essential public services such as transportation, civil aviation, power, bread, food stuffs, sugar, cloths, agriculture produce, medicine, etc.; printing of government documents including educational documents; training; protection of public assets and properties. The SoEs fall under respective ministries that also supply relevant financial information to the MoF’s SoEs department. The SoEs are a source of non-tax domestic revenue for the GoIRA and could be helpful in contributing to fiscal sustainability effort of the GoIRA.

Ministry of Finance is now seeking to fill the position of Technical Assistants (TA) for SOE Accounting and Financial Management to work in the Ministry’s State Owned Enterprise Department, under the supervision of the State-Owned Enterprise Directorate.  Technical Assistants must be skilled, able to operate properly in Ministry of Finance and should be in MoF for at least 1 year at a time. This service helps the SOEs department in following area:

The TAs will report to DM for Administration as well as SOEs General Director and provide:

  1. Work plans for each department which related officers should follows the issues
  2. Develop long-term plans for coordinating and targeting the main problems and bolding the points should be taken into account for addressing the bottlenecks
  3. Monitoring & Evaluation framework that will be used to generate M&E reports
  4. Work on betterment of the department regulations and objectives

The key roles of the State Owned Enterprises department are to develop and implement Government SOEs policy, strategy and regulations for divestment of approved SOEs, and financial supervision on SOEs and develop proper procedures for effective and efficient financial management systems.

Scope of Works

In cooperate with SOEs Directorate the technical assistants should provide services on following area;

  • Study and assess SOEs and SOCs’ reports and making amendments for reform and changes and building some reporting systems as required to increase the effectiveness of their reporting process;
  • Develop a comprehensive work plan for establishing an updatable computer based financial system to collect accurate statistic data and valuations about existing assets and finance potentials in each SOE in addition to proceed with SOEs financial activities in an accurate method
  • Developing and updating SWOT Matrix for each SOE as a tool to annually assess and evaluate the current status of them for analyzing their abilities and evaluate their efficiency;
  • Propose a technical scope of work for different sub-departments that will be established under SOEs’ Directorate and provide recommendations for upgrading the current employees’ TORs to the IARCSC if needed.
  • Study and assess financial procedures and if necessary improve their efficiency in presenting financial reports, profit and loss account, balance sheets, etc.;
  • Developing a change management strategy based on situation of each SOE including communication plan, business plan, coaching plan, training plan, resistance management plan and the details of the change and the SOEs being impacted.
  • Take part and provide advises in drafting and execution of policies and directives related to improving the finance and administration procedures;
  • Based on the SOEs’ planned policies, provide technical recommendations for enhancing the capacity of  financial monitoring mechanism and good administration, According to Organizational Theories and Applicable Management Methods;
  • Based on international best practices, economic analysis, and the existing problems and obstacles that SOEs have, cooperate on designing and implementing plans to corporatize and change SOEs legal status;
  • Restructuring of SOEs and assess necessary requirements to forward the corporatization process and develop plans regarding privatization of SOEs (if started)
  • Conduct need assessments to make sure that capacity building programs have been designed and implemented for employees and provide recommendations to the HR Department to effectively plan for employees and organizational chart of SOEs Directorate to improve services;
  • Developing a mechanism for SOCs’ oversight and financial report taking system, budgetary control systems, recordkeeping system or other administrative control processes in accordance with current laws and limitations
  • Assisting in developing strategic development plan, policy papers, capacity development plan and work plans according to the MOF general plan aiming SOEs directorate’s development goals;
  • Evaluate and pursue all available sources of financing for SOEs and SOCs and liaise with donors, government, financial institutions, and national and international private sector investors.
  • Evaluate the mechanism of monitoring and controlling the financial and economic status of government enterprises and companies including supervising and approving annual plan, regular reporting on the profit/loss statements and balance sheets and other financial and operational reports.


Education: Higher education degree in Management Sciences, Economics, Business Administration or any other related fields that deal with management of government and non-government corporations.

The incumbent must have a range of academic knowledge as listed below;

  • Organizational structures and functions of Reform and Change Management
  • Economic Analysis and Engineering of Industrial and Service Enterprises
  • Estimating revenues, expenditures of corporations and Financial Planning
  • Corporations’ restructuring, integration, liquidation and investment methods
  • PPPs Mechanisms and applicable models for our economic region

Work Experience: At least three years related work experience in following criteria;

  • Experience with restructuring process of enterprises
  • Experience in WBS and Project Management, MIS, Project Controlling and Analysis
  • Experience of data analysis, reporting, and capacity building and training presentation

Language Skills: Fluent in Dari/Pashtu and English 

Administrative Skills:

  • Computer Software
    • Statistic Software
    • MS Office Package
    • Accounting Software
    • Data Base Management
  • Managerial Skill
    • Analysis and Assessment
    • Planning and Policy Making
    • Monitoring and Evaluation Methods
    • Coordination and Data Management
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