Customs Declaration SMS Alert System has been Launched in Afghanistan Customs Department

5 April, 2015: Following Afghanistan Customs Department development programs and in order to have more transparent customs process and reduce the gap of information between Customs and national merchants & traders, Customs immediate alert system (declaration status alert) is launched at the National level on Monday 5th May 2015.

Director General Customs Dr. Najibulllah “Wardak” announced the new module of ASYCUDA System while many of the traders, head of customs brokers and some customs Officials and the media were present in the Customs & Revenue Department conference hall on Tuesday 5 May 2015. 

The national traders and consignees will receive status update of their declaration at the same time when the customs process is completed, in any Inland Customs Department (ACD) or Border Customs Point (BCP) cross the country from Kundoz to Torkham, Kandahar,Weesh or wherever customs they lodge the declaration ,also, Traders and consignee will received the exact amount of payable customs duty which can reduce the abuse may happen by intermediate people. It means accurate & payable customs duty will be sent to the mobile phone of customs commodity owner or legal representative of him/her automatically through the online ASYCUDA world web system.

In this system the legal representative of all embassies, United Nations and other international agencies which benefited from exemptions regime will receive the automatic notification alert as soon as declaration processed on their behalf in any customs house across the country, which can largely dismantle the possibility of abuse of using the international institution names in the process of exempted cargos.

This system is developed & configured by the ACD ASYCUDA national specialists with the technical support of the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD) experts.

Instant major benefits of Declaration Alerting system (Declaration status alert) to the customs and merchants:

1. Updating the exact time of the customs process to trader, or his legal representative, at the same time when the process is completed.

2. Automatic communication of detailed information on the declaration and final amount of customs duties and other payable charges to traders or consignee.

3. Avoid any misstatement by other persons unrelated to the owner of the customs commodity.

4. Reduce illegal mediating between customs and national merchants.

5. Enhance trust between traders and customs.

6. Reduction in the customs clients complain to the customs.

7. Reduce misuse of customs exemptions regime by sharing the timely information to the foreign embassies and other international organizations regarding the process of exemption of customs duty declaration on their behalf.

 8. Raising the country level of transparency and good governance (domestically and internationally).