A meeting on open budget survey 1396 was held

11 Feb 2018: A meeting on publication of open budget survey 1396 was held by Integrity Watch Afghanistan, in Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) with the participation of Mr. Khalid Payenda, Deputy Minister of Finance

In the meeting which Mr. Sayed Ikram Afzali, Executive Director of Integrity Watch Afghanistan, Mr. Amir Khan Yar, representative of people in Wolesi Jirga, Mr. Sayed Mahdi Hussaini, Professional Deputy of Supreme Audit Office, financial and administrative staff of ministries, representatives of academic institutions and civil society have also participated, Deputy Minister of Finance thanked International Budget Partnership (IBP) for conducting open budget survey  and Integrity Watch Afghanistan for running the meeting today and said: “The 1396 budget is based on reforms and transparency  such as involving more civil society institutions s in the budget process, sharing timely information to people, improving the structure and content of the budget using international standards ranked the second in the region based on transparency and accountability indicators.”

He added: "We hope that Afghanistan will be at the top of this survey with comprehensive reforms, such as transparency, efficiency and effectiveness, budgetary balance, international standards considered in the FY-1397.

Integrity Watch Afghanistan appreciated the budget reforms and pledge to cooperate in implementation big budgetary plans of Ministry of Finance.

Other participants also provided information regarding the national budget.

National budget survey was conducted by International Budget Partnership in the World Bank Center during Minister of Finance’s trip to Washington D.C. United State of America.

It is worth stating that, at the end of meeting the participants’ questions about implementation of national budget, bringing reforms and financial and procurement plans were answered.