Afghan Customs Department signed the technical protocol for Electronic Customs Data Exhchange with Tajikistan Customs Services

Following the Afghan Customs reform program under the 5 years strategic plan and enhancing Customs to Customs cooperation with major trade  partners, Afghan Customs Department signed the technical protocol for Electronic Customs Data Exhchange with Tajikistan Customs Services.

The protocol has been recently signed by Mr. Najibullah Wardak Director General of Afghan Customs Department and Chairman of Customs Services of the Republic of Tajiksitan in Dushanbe on April 30, 2015 in Dushanbe Tajikistan. in the recent visit which is conducted for the mentioned purpose.

The Customs Electronic Data Exhchange Technical Protocal is based on the Customs to Customs Cooperation agreement which had been signed last year between two government administrations in Kabul during the visit of the Tajikistan President Imam Ali Rahmanof to Kabul.
 the said protocol,Electronic Customs Data Exhcnage will be started between two countires on real time basis for transit and bi-literal trade.

The total anual valume of current formal trade is around 120 million USD between two neighboring countries.
The exchange of agreed data element on transit and biliteral trade will enable both Customs Administration to:

  • To improve Customs operational effeciency
  • Facilitation of trade flow 
  • Improve revenee collection
  • Reduce cross border smuggling
  • Fight curruption and illigal trade

Both Customs administration will send and receive trade data in electronic data format and will utalize the data for Customs operational controls, post clearance audit and Customs intellengnce. The data will be shared on real time basis where Afghanistan Customs Department will use it’s web based ASYCUDA World System.

The technical assistance  on Customs EDI is being provided by UNCTAD( United Nations Confrence on Trade & Developemnt),  ASYCUDA Program for both parties, where both system each belong to different Customs Administration will be connected to each other via secure VPN tunnel using the latest secure technology.

The Customs Electronic Data Exchange is tested on pilot basis between two Customs Administration earlier  this year by UNCTAD,  after the offcial signatory of the protocol the EDI will run offcialy on proper basis.

Afghan Customs is continuing to finalize the same Customs to Customs agreement with other major trade partners soon to enhance Customs cooperation on Automation and in other areas of common interests.

Electronic Customs Data Exchange and Customs to Customs Cooperation are recommended by the World Customs Organization WCO for member state as  one of the best tools of Customs Control and Trade faciliation. Considering the complexity of trade flow and a huge demand for smooth movment of goods and trader faciliation, Cusotms Administration will be able to ensure effeciencyin it’s operations with  implemenation of  EDI and other Customs to Customs cooperation elements.