Awareness meeting was launched to reflect the recent achievements of Ministry of Finance in Nimruz Province

15th March 2017: A large meeting was launched to reflect the recent achievements of Minister of Finance and hear the problems of people in Nimruz Province. Eng. Mohammad Sami-Governor of Nimruz Province, Tax-Payer, National Traders and Investors, Representatives of people in provincial council, Civil Society, Local Media, Religious Scholars and Local Syndics participated in this meeting.
Eng. Mohammad Sami-Governor of Nimruz praised the Awareness Plan and the recent Achievements of Ministry of Finance and added that we would cooperate with Ministry of Finance in every aspect.
Mr. Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, PR Director and Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance explained the aim of awareness plan to the participants and provided them detailed information regarding unprecedented revenue increment in the last two years, budget preparation considering the priority, facility and balance, achievements in Warsaw and Brussels conferences, High Economic Council facilities for traders and private sectors, installation of E-Systems in income resources, recent contribution of donor countries and institutions, Afghanistan's inclusion in IMF reform program and extensive reforms in all level of Ministry of Finance.
He asked respected people of Nimruz Province particularly the Civil Society Members and Local Media to cooperate with Ministry of Finance to fight against corruption and implement reform.

Mr. Baz Mohammad Naser -Head of the provincial council in Nimruz Province, Mr. Ubaidullah Nowrozi- Chaiman of Chamber of Commerce & Industries and Mr. Masoud Hakimi-Chairman of Independent Institutions praised the achievements of Ministry of Finance and committed to provide their assistances to Ministry of Finance.
Mr. Saleh Mohammad Nikzad- Director of Nimruz Custom Department and Ziauddin Zia- Mostofy of the mentioned province provided detailed information regarding their working area.
End of the meeting was announced in presence of respected Governor of Nimruz  and questions were answered by a press conference.
In addition, based on the president decree, Ministry of Finance plans to run such kinds of meetings different provinces that meanwhile reflecting achievements of Ministry of Finance, solving their problems in the light of law.