Delegation from Ministry of Finance goes to Nimruz Province to reflect its recent achievements

14th March 2017: The delegation led by Mr. Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai, PR Director and Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance during his trip to Nimruz province met Eng. Mohammad Sami- Governor of Nimruz Province, Haji Ubaidullah Nowrozi-Chaiman of Chamber of Commerce & industries, National Traders, Civil Society Members, and Local Media.

The delegation from Ministry of Finance discussed regarding the aim of this journey, mechanism for awareness, working process of Nimruz Custom Department and Mostofyat and some other important subjects meanwhile asking the participants for cooperation in implementation of reforms and fight against corruption. Then Problems of the people and their suggestion on the above mentioned issues were heard.

Furthermore, tomorrow Wednesday, the delegation is going to launch a large meeting with the participation of Nimruz Governor, Head of Custom Department and Mostofys, National Traders, Representatives of People in Provincial Council, Local Media, Religious Scholar, Civil Society and other institutions to hear their problems in the Ministry of Finance related office and seek solution for considering the applicable laws of the country.