High Economic Council confirms an energy project producing 30 megawatt solar energy to Kandahar

08 Jan 2018:  Mr. AjmalHameedAbdulrahimzai, Public Relations Director and Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance,shared decisions of the 20thmeetings of the High Economic Council to media through a press conference at Government Media and Information Center (GMIC).
 "At the 20th High Economic Council meeting, Kandahar 30 megawatts solar energy project, Zamindawar  canal of Helmand Province and public-private partnership plan for building roadside parking in Kabul were discussed and  appropriate decisions were taken" said PR director of the Ministry of Finance.
 “Kandahar -30- megawatt solar energy project confirmed at the High Economic Council is effective in boosting domestic power generation capacity” said Mr. Abdulrahimzai. “Therewere more than 30 companies showing their interest in the project. Of which, based on technical evaluation oftheir proposals and bidding documents two companies met requirements and become qualified. After signing the contract, the project will be completed within one year” he added.
According to him, totally $ 39 million will be invested in the project with a government contribution of $ 14 million.
“Construction of Zamindawar Canal of Helmand province will also have a positive effect on the construction of second phase of Kajaki Dam. This canal starts from KajakiDam and extends 50KM. With the implementation of this project; 16400 hectares agricultural land will be irrigated. The High Economic Council, following a comprehensive talk, decided that Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will start feasibility studies of the project and accelerate the work” Mr. Abdulrahimzai added.
“The High Economic Council discussed public private partnership plan on building roadside parking in Kabul and decided to study and check various models for it. After implementing this, Kabul city will have a standard parking systemand thereby government will receive $ 1.3 million direct revenue from annually” he added.

It is worth saying that according to Ministry of Finance’s new policy, all important decisions of High Economic Council will be shared with people via press conference in the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC).