Minister of Finance hands over the responsibility of the Ministry

June 26, 2018: H.E. Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance, during a press conference where deputy ministers of the ministry, directors and staff were present, provided to the participants information regarding financial and economic achievements during the past three and half years, increase in domestic revenue to 70% and written commitments of 2.485 billion USD to the ARTF by donors for the next 3 years.

Additionally, after serving three and half years as Minister of Finance, he will hand over the responsibility of the Ministry tomorrow in the cabinet meeting which he presents the mid-term review  of FY-1397 budget. He hands over the responsibility of the Ministry by his own will and satisfaction as came to an agreement with Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The reason behind, is spending time with his family and taking care of them.

Minister of Finance expressed his gratitude to H.E. the President which fully supported the plans, reforms and measures taken by Ministry of Finance during the past and half years and his colleagues in the cabinet, National Assembly, International partners, his colleagues in Ministry of Finance, his family as well as his friends.

Minister of Finance also assured his noble compatriots that he would be with them at time of happiness and grief.