Minister of Finance Meets National Traders

Sep 05, 2018: H.E. Mohammad Humayon Qayoumi, Acting Minister of Finance and Chief Advisor on Infrastructure and Technology to the President, met with a number of national traders.

Mr. Hameed Tahmasi, Minister of Transport, Dr. Najibullah Wardak, Deputy Minister of Revenue and Customs at Ministry of Finance, Mr. Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai, Deputy Minister of Administration and Finance at Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay, Deputy Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry were present in the meeting.

In the meeting, Minister of Finance and the national traders had discussion on business activities, problems and suggestions of traders and solutions for them.

Minister of Finance assured them that he heard their problems and would handle them based on laws and facilities.

It is worth stating that, the meetings with national traders will be continued in future as well.