Ministry of Finance Celebrates the Mother’s day

18 June 2017: Ministry of Finance celebrated the Mother’s day in Khybar Hall today.

Mr. Mohammad Qahir Haidari, Acting Deputy Ministry of Finance for administrative affairs, a number of directors and employees of Ministry of Finance attended at the ceremony held on this occasion.

In the opening remarks, Mr. Haidari- Acting Deputy Minister of Finance congratulated Mother's Day and described the importance of Mother’s role in Islam and Afghan Society.

He said: “Ministry of Finance always paid attention to the role of women and predisposed them professional and educational training at home and abroad”. He added: “We are trying to make their role most prominent and appoint some competent and honest ones at the head of our key departments”.

At the end, some women recited poetry about mother’s dignity and following that the gift provided by the Ministry of Finance were given to some of them.