Ministry of Finance Celebrates Women International Solidarity Day

07 March 2018: Ministry of Finance celebrated, 8th March, the Women International Solidarity Day during a ceremony in Khybar-Hall, Ministry of Finance.

 In this ceremony, , Mr. Mohammad Aqa Kohistani, Deputy Minister of Administration, Ms. Naheed Sarabi, Deputy Minister of Policy, Ms. Nabila Mosleh, Deputy Minister of Finance- Ministry of Women Affairs, Ms. Shahrzad Akbar, Advisor to the president on councils affairs, Ms. Humaira Saqib, Women Rights Activist, directors  and staff of Mof participated.

 “We witness a lot of changes in the promotion of the status of women in the Ministry of Finance. Our goal is to endeavor and work for empowerment of women by providing awareness” said Mr. Mohammad Aqa Kohistani, Deputy Minister of Administration while congratulating women solidarity day to them.” “We will barely count on words toward women empowerment, but will take practical steps” he added.

 “Women had significant role in running national programs and they have good working abilities and capacity” said Ms. Naheed Sarabi, Deputy Minister of Policy. “One of the key objectives of Ministry of Finance is to increase and promote role of women in the ministry” she added.

Additionally, achievements and challenges of women in Afghanistan were discussed in a panel, during the ceremony this way the participants’ questions were answered.

 At the end, some female staffs were awarded with gifts and others who have shown competency and ability in their duties, were awarded with letters of appreciation.