Ministry of Finance Inaugurates Tax Week Further Promoting Culture of Taxation

 06 Jan 2018: The Revenue and Customs Department of Ministry of Finance inaugurated the tax Week in a ceremony in Intercontinental Hotel to provide awareness on and further promote culture of taxation in the country.

 Deputy Minister of finance for revenue and customs and Directors of the Ministry, government officials, representatives of private sector, government and non-government organizations including civil society and media representatives have participated in the ceremony.

“I am glad; today we started campaign of tax week. Your participation is important for success of the tax week and achievements of goals” said Dr. Najeebullah Wardak, deputy minister of finance for revenue and customs, in the opening remarks. “Paying taxes creates strong relationship between government and citizens. All citizens of Afghanistan have to pay taxes in accordance with laws of the country and in return the government is responsible for collecting taxes transparently and accurately then using them in a responsive way” he added.

 “Providing awareness on tax-paying for businesswomen is important. We support this campaign and cooperate with Ministry of Finance in this area” said Ms. Afsana Rahimi, vice chairman the women's chamber of commerce.

 “We will take part in this campaign and work with the Ministry of Finance” said Mohammad Hassan Sepahi, chairman of National Union of Afghan craftsmen/ traders. “By running such programs, we will make tax-payers aware of tax laws and raise their level of compliance” he added.           

Mr. Abdul Habib Zadran, General Director of Revenue, Mr. Ajmal Hameed Abdulrahimzai, public relation director and spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance and other authorities, provided information to the participants regarding the purpose, importance and value of the public awareness on tax week.

 At the end, an informative presentation was delivered.

The program will continue for a week all over the country, where awareness  about tax laws  will be given to taxpayers, the private sector, students of economics, accounting and public administration of public and private universities, employees of ministry of finance and other government departments through seminars, radio programs  and Television in various media and sports events.

It is worth mentioning that, the purpose of celebrating and inaugurating tax week is to raise taxpayers’ awareness, promote culture of taxation, train and enable taxpayers, raise level of compliance, reform and amend procedures of revenue, provide on-time professional services to the taxpayers preventing tax crimes in one hand and to collect domestic revenue in accurately on the other hand.