The first the graduation of the procurement staff was celebrated

 11 March 2017: Today 11 staff of the Procurement Department who were trained for three months in procurement ceremony received their graduation documents in a ceremony.

H.E. Mohammad Qaher Haidary, Acting Deputy Minister of Finance for Administrative affairs said: “Procurement is an important part in the government and the private sector without which there is no supply”. He added: “In today’s world, there are outstanding professionals in procurement department and Ministry of Finance trains the youth in this field”. Since the Procurement Department is controlled from the center of the Ministry of Finance, its financial resources of are under control and we are committed to invest more in this division.

Following the meeting, 11 of the graduates were given certificates.

It is worth mentioning that, the director of Procurement Department of Ministry of Finance, Senior Advisor of Customs Department in procurement field and a number of staff from the procurement department participated in this meeting.