Afghan State Printing House (SUKUK)

  • Protection of Valuable and secured documents of the government from forgery.
  • Providing services with the high quality.
View point
  • Equipping the Printing Press with the modern and advanced equipment.
  • Elevate its capacity to respond the requirements of the government and have ability to provide the services in the region.
The History of Sukuk Printing Press & Mint
  • Sukuk Printing Press established in the Year of 1950.
  • In the year 1992 the Printing Press was completely destroyed and burnt during the internal wars.
  • In the year 1996 started again the activity with some used printing machines.
Current Productions of the Press
Sukuk Printing Press and Mint currently prints:
  • More than 121 kinds of valuable documents.
  • More than 174 kinds of non-valuable documents from capital and provinces.
Valuable documents
  • Custom documents
  • Judicial courts 
  • Traffic police
  • Certificates
  • ID cards 
  • Business license
It prints papers of ministries of:
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Ministry of Commercial and industries
  • Ministry of Mines and Petroleum
  • Ministry of Public works
  • Ministry of Information and Culture
  • Ministry of Labor and social Affairs
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
Metal productions:
  • Private plates
  • Taxi plates
  • Vehicle plates of international organizations
  • National army plates and national police plates.
Non-valuable documents:
prints almost 121 kinds of valuable documents including: 
  • Tariff reduction money
  • revenue documents
  • custom process documents
Formations of the enterprise