Mohammad AqaKohistani Deputy Minister

Mohammad Aqa Kohistani son of Haidar Shah was born in 1964 in Kohistan District of Kapisa Province.

He graduated from Omer-e- Shahid High School and obtained his Bachelor Degree in economics from economics faculty of Kabul University. Currently he is pursuing his Mater Degree in Finance at Dunya University of Afghanistan.
He started his career at Kabul Mastofyat (Provincial Revenue Office) in 1987, then served as general manager in control offices of Ministry of Justice and Civil Aviation Authorityrespectively.
After that, he served as general manager of accounting in accounting department, general manager of allotments, Head of reporting in Treasury Department and Deputy Director General of Treasury Department.
For more than 10 years since Jan 23, 2007, he has served as general director of the treasury directorateand tirelessly endeavored for the country’s development. Likewise, Mr. Kohistani grabbed the attention of international community including donors,by upgrading and updating the financial and accounting systems of ministry of financeto modern onescorresponding to international standards