Contract Award Announcement for the ConstructionofLinking Road at JalalabadCustomsInlandClearanceDepot(ICD) ReferenceNumber:SCRTFP/IDA/W/NCB/14 FundingAgency:UNOPS City:Kabul Description: Construction ofLinking Road at Jalalabad CustomsInlandCle

Publish Date: Dec 16, 2012

Reference Number: SCRTFP//IDAW/NCB/14

Funding Agency: UNOPS

City: Jalal abad


Construction ofLinking Road at Jalalabad CustomsInlandClearance Depot(ICD)

SecondCustomsReformandTradeFacilitation Project


Reference to Invitation for Bid, No: SCRTFP/IDA/W/NCB/014, Construction of Linking Road for Jalalabad  Custom ICD.

The second Customs Reform and Trade Facilitation Project Evaluation Committee have selected the bidder and World Bank has approved the evaluation for the above mentioned construction as mentioned in below table.

Package #


Country of
the bidder

Amount AFN

Construction of Link Road for Jalalabad ICD

Mashal Construction Company



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Emmanuel  Roitan Suresh Miranda,

Procurement  Specialist,  SCRTFP, UNOPS, Kabul, Afghanistan

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