The Ministry of Finance's press release regarding the recent statement of the Secretary General of the United Nations

Sat, May 06 2023 6:21 PM

After the two-day meeting of the United Nations in Qatar (Doha) regarding the Afghanistan situation, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres stated that "Afghanistan is facing a big economic crisis; 90% of Afghan people are living in poverty; 6 million Afghan children, men, and women are facing extreme hunger; and 28 million people need emergency aid."
The Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls these statements of Mr. Guterres far from reality and unfair, and it strongly rejects them. The Ministry of Finance clearly states that after the return of the Islamic Emirate, there have been significant positive changes in the economic situation of Afghanistan.
For the first time, the national budget was arranged from internal revenue sources without foreign support. Today, hundreds of thousands of male and female government employees are given their salaries, low-cost development projects have been started, the working environment has been improved, the necessary facilities for trade and investment have been created, the level of import, export, and transit has increased, necessary measures have been taken to encourage domestic production, and foreign and domestic investors in various fields have invested. All these economic interactions have led Afghanistan's economic situation in a positive direction, as recently presented by the World Bank and Transparency International organizations.
While Afghanistan's national assets have been frozen in an unjust way, restrictions have been placed on the banking sector. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has maintained the value of the Afghan currency based on successful economic policy, and the banking sector has made significant progress at the national level and provides the necessary services for the Afghan people.
The Ministry of Finance requests all international organizations to analyze the current situation in Afghanistan accurately and based on reality and to carry out their responsibilities impartially so that a basis for positive bilateral relations is created and the economic situation of Afghans is handled in the best way possible.

In the current situation, the primary responsibility of international organizations towards Afghans is to take impartial and practical measures to release the frozen assets of Afghans, remove illegal sanctions on the banking sector, and encourage the world to take practical measures to create positive and direct interactions. Encourage both sides in the economic fields by exploiting the opportunities that have arisen, in addition to humanitarian aid to start development projects as well, until the economic situation of Afghanistan improves and the existing economic problems of Afghans end.

Afghan people have the ability to stand on their own!

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