Small taxpayers’ (craftsmen & shopkeepers) taxes, arrears, and tax penalties waiver notice: 


For the purpose to motivate and bring ease into doing business for small taxpayers, based on the proposal of the Ministry of finance and direction # 1058 dated 10/11/1400 of H.E Chief of the cabinet;

1. all taxes and arrears thereof till 1390

2. Half of the taxes(50%) and all the tax penalties from the year 1391 till 1395

3. All the tax penalties only from the year 1396 till 1340 

Are waived off only if all tax dues are paid

 till 29/12/1400.

The Ministry of finance requests all small taxpayers ( craftsmen and shopkeepers) to avail this opportunity and pay all their tax dues before the due date is announced.

Our Tax, Our Nation, Our Future

وروستي اعلانونه

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