Introduction of General Directorate of Takaful and Insurance

GDTI Profile

Established under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance in 2005, the General Directorate of Takaful and Insurance (GDTI), as a regulating body under the umbrella of Ministry of Finance, is the only government institution assigned to regulate, supervise and develop the insurance sector in Afghanistan. It aimed at facilitating the public and private entrepreneurship to invest in insurance sector, improve customer awareness and protection, enhancing stability and market effectiveness through regulation and supervision, and development of required rules and laws. Under supervision of GDTI, insurance sector has been active in 32 out of 34 provinces.

The GDTI remains committed to achieving the secure economic and social environment in the country with the help of sound insurance industry, aiming to provide access to suitable and affordable insurance products to the people of country and to achieve these strategic goals and objectives.

During last few years, the GDTI has also carried out insurance market development activities and public awareness programs across the country to educate the mass public and enhance insurance literacy. GDTI has also successfully established bilateral relationships and cooperation with various insurance operators in other countries. With its continued efforts, the GDTI has been recognized by the World Bank in its validation exercise as one of the top performers in attainment of the strategic goals.


Create a stable, developed, strong, and financially independent economy in the country through a well-developed insurance sector.


The GDTI is committed to achieve a secure economic and

social livelihood for people in the country, with a highly robust insurance industry, where the people in the country are adequately aware about the benefits of insurance, and where the insurance sector is able to attract foreign and domestic private investment. Thus meeting the suitable insurance services demand in the country.


  • Supporting small, medium, and large investments s as well as individual investors  in the country
  • Supporting insurance market stability
  • Guaranteeing transparency, effectiveness, and accountability in insurance services in the country
  • Boosting insurance sector role in economic development,  reducing poverty, increasing national revenue, decreasing expenses in public services and infrastructure projects, and decreasing social and financial vulnerabilities

GDTI’s Main Duties:    

  1. Developing and Expanding Insurance Sector

Through investment facilitation, creating a responsible insurance market, attracting private, domestic, and foreign investments, and decreasing poverty and vulnerabilities, GDTI develops and expands insurance sector in the country.

  1. Regulating Insurance Market and Activities

Through crafting, ratifying, and implementing laws, bills, procedures, guidelines, and instructions, GDTI regulates insurance market and activities.

  1. Monitoring Insurance Sector Activities

With protecting the consumers’ rights and benefits and guaranteeing marketing stability (issuing licenses, site monitoring, measuring financial abilities, controlling violations, and delivering suggestions), GDTI monitors insurance sector’s activities.