Kabul Town Hall Meeting on Public Engagement in National Budgeting

Wed, Jul 10 2019 4:31 PM

Government advisory meeting with Kabul people to include the needs of the province in national budgeting of FY-1399 held in Inter-continental Hotel today July 10, 2019.

In the meeting Mr. Zahid Hamdard, Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr.  Mohammad Yaqub Haidari, Governor of Kabul, a number of directors from Ministry of Finance, representatives of provincial council and Kabul residents have been participated.  The main objectives of the program are, to strengthen local government, ensure transparency and accountability, achieve balanced development, improve service delivery access to good governance and allocate effective and balanced financial resources all over the country.  

 “I hope the meeting focus on the urgent issues of Kabul district and include the basic needs of Kabul people in the next year national budget document,” said Mr. Mohammad Yaqub Haidari, governor of Kabul while expressing his gratitude to the leadership of Ministry of Finance for running the meeting. “Conducting such meetings has made national budget more balanced, and the participation as well as contribution of people in the budget process will lead budget to transparency and better service delivery,” he added.


“Our aim for running such programs is to include the basic needs of the people in the national budget. The active participation of  people in the budgeting process, identifies their priorities and real needs and remarkably increases the effectiveness of national budget,” said Mr. Zahid Hamdard, Deputy Minister of Finance while thanking the participants.

In addition, following the program, the technical staff of Ministry of Finance has delivered a short and comprehensive presentation to the participants and on the sidelines of the meeting, divided into several working groups , which participated at the relevant panel.


It is worth mentioning that, the main objective of this policy is to access a decentralized financial system via strengthening local administrations and engage them in the process of budgeting and national planning. This method will make people to participate in the budget process and will have positive impacts on selection of main local priorities, planning system and budget execution that will play a significant role in improving effective service delivery to the local level.

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