Members of SOCs Evaluation Committee Visit Some Other Corporations’ Operations

Tue, Sep 19 2023 12:35 PM

Since pragmatic visits and evaluations of state-owned corporations (SOCs) have been continued, in the turn under the leadership of Maulawi Ahmad Jan Bilal a selective, special and technical committee’s members were appointed for the purpose of evaluation of the status of state-owned corporations to visit Afghan Gas SOC, Sukuk Printing Press SOC and Agricultural Service & Genetically-modified Seeds SOC.
Acting Minister of Finance Mullah Muhammad Naser Akhund, Acting Minister of Economy Qari Din Muhammad Hanif, General Director of SOCs Maulawi Abdul Hamid Akhundzada and some other officials under the leadership of Maulawi Ahmad Jan Bilal visited and evaluated the mentioned State-Owned Corporations’ buildings, operations, administrative structure, machineries, systems, existing capacity and available possibilities.
Corporations’ staff presented information regarding the products & services of corporations, and asked for more


assistance and supporting about some parts of their affairs with the intention of further progressive; as in outcome members of committee pledged for the support and co-operation in this regard.