Notice of MoF Regarding Vehicles Owners


The Ministry of Finance informs vehicles owners all over the country that based on the decision of the cabinet, vehicles’ monetary remnants (remaining balance) of the past several years are exempted.
The exemption period for monetary remnants of vehicles continues until the end of the year 1402 (Hijri). Therefore, the owners of the cars are respectfully requested to submit monetary remnants or remaining balances of their vehicles to the relevant bodies in center Kabul and provinces as soon as possible and benefit of this golden chance provided by MoF.
Monetary remnants exemptions in order of years:
1. Including year 1394, all previous years monetary remnants (Remaining balances) are 100% exempted.
2. 1395 – 1397 monetary remnants are 90% exempted
3. 1398 – 1401 monetary remnants are 80% exempted
It’s worth noting that exemption date is not renewable

وروستي اعلانونه

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