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Wed, Nov 29 2023 2:22 PM

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About Ministry of Finance:

Directorate General of Internal Audit - Ministry of Finance (MoF) of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is mandated to conduct the internal audit of various MoF units including state-owned corporations and enterprises.

Therefore, the Senior Internal Audit Specialist is tasked to audit, and take account of financial records of state-owned corporations/enterprises. In this role, the Senior Internal Audit Specialist will plan and engage in financial assessments of business processes, debts, and assets, and determine financial standings while ensuring that best accounting and auditing practices are followed at all times.

The Senior Internal Audit Specialist is expected to be skilled in accounting practices, have an extensive understanding of financial legislation, and be adept at analyzing large volumes of data. The specialist should be able to work independently and understand all of the required processes involved in completing effective internal and/or financial audits.

Job Description:

The basic objective of the assignment is to strengthen and build the internal and/or financial audit function of Ministry of Finance as per the best practices and auditing standards of IIA and IFRS through capacity building and institutional development

Job Requirements:

Principal Functions:

  • Plan and conduct audits of state-owned corporations/enterprises and other MoF units from start to finish
  • Collect, prepare, and organize physical and digital documentation for auditing processes
  • Identify key areas and issues for further investigation and analysis
  • Evaluate figures, accounts, and statements with other internal auditors
  • Mobilize audit teams, ensuring that internal audit is being carried out as per Internal Audit Standards and/or financial audit is being carried out as per IFRS standards
  • Document findings and communicate orally and/or in writing to the concerned Director and Director General on their compliance, performance and potential for improvement
  • Recommend and advise on subsequent actions and processes to be undertaken by the business/corporation.
  • Develop clear and complete reports of audit procedures and findings
  • Review and recommend improvements to business procedures and internal controls
  • Develop process improvements, standard tools and procedures to improve quality and efficiency of audit
  • Assesses the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management framework,
  • Develop risk models to access and mitigate potential risks.
  • Maintain audit documentations according to established standards/practices.
  • Review financial statements to ensure that they are prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Participate in peer reviews with other internal auditors to evaluate the quality of work performed by other auditors within an organization
  • Review financial records, including account books, ledgers, and bank statements
  • Review complex financial transactions for possible fraud or other illegal activities
  • Contribute to the annual audit planning and risk assessment process along with planning the scope and approach for various audits
  • Finalize audit reports and submit to the Director General Internal Audit
  • Provide technical assistance and support in preparing audit reports
  • Follow up on audit results to ensure that corrective action has been taken / carry out follow-up audits as required
  • Perform other assignments or tasks as determined by Director General Internal Audit / Director Assets Audit & Capacity Building

Capacity & Institutional Development Responsibilities

  • Conduct capacity building program for the audit staff
  • Participate in the implementation of learning and training development plan
  • Provide in-house and on job training to audit staff
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of professional practices within Department
  • Review drafts of audit reports prepared by audit teams and provide expert guidance
  • Review working papers/manuals prepared by the department and provide expert guidance
  • Conduct internal audit and risk assessments

Submission Guideline:

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their CVs ,no later than 03 Dec 2023.
Please clearly indicate “position name & vacancy number” in the subject line of email.
Do not attach your education and working experience documents.

Submission Email:

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