According to the provision of article 33 of Tax Administration Law, all accountants and consultants who provide tax consultancy services, documents preparation, accounting and other services to taxpayers, needs to be registered with ARD/MoF and have tax accountants certificate. For this purpose, Afghanistan Revenue Department of Ministry of Finance is planning to start registration of tax accountants and issue them Tax Accountants certificates. The persons who meet the following criteria can obtain application forms from client service center of ARD from (3-22) September 2019 located in CRD Building on Kabul-Jalalabad Road.

  1. The eligible candidate should have completed 23-years of age.
  2. Should have completed Bachelor’s degree in relevant field.
  3. Should not have been convicted for any offense in regards to Taxation Laws.
  4. Should not be current employee of the Ministry of Finance.

The eligible persons can obtain the application the application form for registration by depositing Afs. 2000 and resubmit it to the above mentioned address along with Copy of attested Educational documents and tazkira after the completion. Date and place of examination will be announced later. In case the applicant successfully passed the examination process and be eligible to receive the tax accountant certificate, in time of issuance of the certificate, the applicant has to further deposit AFS. 10,000 as fee.

For more information and details you can contact the following email address and phone number:

Client Service Center: 0202320819

Call Center: 1000

Email Address:

وروستي اعلانونه

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