Asian Develop Bank Approved 40 Million USD Grant to Afghanistan In The Fight Against Corona

Wed, May 13 2020 3:05 PM

On May 22, 2020, the Asian Development Bank approved 40 Million USD grant to Afghanistan in the fight against coronavirus.

This grant will be used to build 15 new hospitals and health clinics with Emergency Care section; as well as adding 1100 new beds in the existing health facilities. These hospitals will have special sections for women, including pregnant women.

Further, this grant will help with procuring necessary medicine and health facilities, capacity building, and flexibility of Afghanistan’s health care system to respond to emergency situations like the spread of COVID-19.

Ministry of Finance appreciates the assistance the Asian Development Bank gives Afghanistan in this situation.

It is worth to note that, the Asian Development Bank is one of Afghanistna’s long term development partners, and has tremendously helped Afghanistan in emergency situations thus far. In 2014, when agricultural infrastructure was destroyed in 27 provinces, the Asian Development Bank financially helped to revive one hundred hectares of agricultural lands.

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