Completed contracts

Notice of Contract Award


The Ministry of Finance has been recently exercised a tender for Procurement of Core database servers for Pashtany Bank. After successful completion of the evaluation process, it was resolved by the management that the contract would be awarded to INT Net link Technologies & Almoayed Technologies (JV). Followings are the details information.


Bidding Description

 Procurement of Core database servers for Pashtany Bank.

Contract Reference


Method of Procurement

National Competitive Bidding

Implementation Agency

Ministry of Finance

Name of Bidder Awarded Contract

INT Net link Technologies & Almoayed Technologies (JV)

Currency Awarded with Amount



The above is for public Notice and any bidder who has reservation on the proposed award should contact officially The Ministry of Finance from date of issuance up to 23 May 2019.

Procuring Entity

Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan


Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Name of the Assignment & PP Number

Foreign Trip for Non-Tax Revenue Directorate

Deadline for Submitting EOIs

May, 02, 2019   Time 04:00 pm

Address for Submission of EOIs

Interested Consultants can submit their EOIs to the below address:

Contracts Department, Directorate of Procurement,  Ministry of Finance from 08:00 am till 04:00 pm. Or through email address cc to



Interested Consultants can obtain the REOI document from In case, unable to retrieve, the REOI document can be requested

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