Information Sharing Mechanism

Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the law on access to information since its enforcement, has introduced the authority providing information to the monitoring commission on access to information, the citizens of the country (applicants) who request for the required information from the Ministry of Finance and other relevant institutions can refer to our information provider and get their information as soon as possible.

Likewise, according to the contents of Article 15 of the Access to Information law, Ministry of Finance has published the requested information of the applicants on its social pages as soon as possible

The applicants requesting information from Ministry of Finance can contact to the phone numbers and e-mail addresses below or can come to Ministry of Finance.

  • Shamroz Khan Masjidi, Director of Public Relation and Spokesperson- Ministry of Finance

          Phone Number:  0797 332334


  • Farid Nawakht, Head of Media department and responsible of providing information

          Phone Number: 0778094500


  • Official Email Addresses and Phone Numbers:

          Phone Numbers: 0202924290 / 0202924440