Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board Highlights Accountability and Transparency

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Tue, Jul 23 2019 4:29 PM
Press Release

 The 22nd  meeting of the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board was held today,  July 15, 2019 at the Presidential Palace (Char-Chinar) co-chaired by the Acting Minister of Finance and Chief Advisor on Infrastructure to H.E. the President Dr. Mohammad Homayun Qayoumi, and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to Afghanistan Mr. Yamamoto Tadamichi.

His Excellency Dr. Ashraf Ghani, President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has delivered the key speech.

 The meeting was attended by the ministers and senior officials of the government, ambassadors, and representatives of donor agencies, international organizations, civil society and the private sector.

The detailed and  Productive discussions took place in three sessions of the mentioned board  under the heading of  the Geneva Mutual Accountability Framework (GMAF) with the focus on anti-corruption and accountability, Development growth  and Peace with focus on achievements, challenges and acceleration of  economic and sector coordination,  education and health.

 H.E. Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan, emphasized on to date developments, and appreciated the resilience of the people of Afghanistan and international support, under the mutual accountability framework.

Meanwhile, HE. added ‘that the elections based on the level of competition is the right path to accountability as well as the environmental challenges facing Afghanistan.

The acting Minister of Finance presented the achievements and challenges of the government in accelerating economic growth to the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board. While the government has been able to complete some of the indicators, such as the anti-corruption strategy and it continues to work on the rest of the indicators, such as judicial reform and the announcement of assets by authorities, Action must be taken against any limitation of transparency he added.

The participants emphasized the importance of the fight against corruption and expressed their willingness to developed Afghanistan and reminded that their financial support to Afghanistan will continue, as well as all aspects of the GMAF, including short-term developments, effectiveness in protecting the culture of sanction from castigation.

Additionally, it was agreed that a meeting would be held within two weeks to follow up the discussions.

Acting Minister of  Finance presented some projects ‘ that would be used to accelerate the economic growth of Afghanistan in the future, which the participants welcomed the idea  as an important tool in the economic self-sufficiency path, focusing more on policy and regulatory reforms and capacity.

The United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan acknowledged achievements, identifying challenges and presenting government plans to achieve self-sufficiency in the economy. He emphasized on the importance of   Joint Monitoring and Coordination Board meeting as a joint mechanism between the Afghan government and the international community to inform all Afghan citizens and the assurance of Afghan partners on the achievements, challenges and ways to achieve self-sufficiency.

 Such meetings are becoming more important as the most important event when Peace and Presidential elections are on the horizon he added.

A meeting of the Coordination and Monitoring Board has been held this year to discuss key areas that provide the foundation for the future stability and prosperity of Afghanistan.


The summit noted the progress made in the education and health sector, for example, that nearly 9 million Afghan children can now access educations, as well as challenges such as the lack of access o 3.7 million Afghans children were reminded to elementary education.

 Participants called for the protection and support of health and education facilities.

The government of Afghanistan and the international community agreed to deepen their discussion on development, especially in the coming months, when the prospect of peace is to be clarify, and the economic development conflict is vital.



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