Ministry of Finance cuts 10% of Customs duty on rebar produced in the country

Tue, Dec 07 2021 9:02 PM

Exports play a vital role in the country's economic growth and pave the way for self-sufficiency in domestic production. Therefore, the Government of Afghanistan, especially the Ministry of Finance, is committed to increasing exports of household products and decreasing relying on imports and improving the economic situation. As promised to the national traders to facilitate and make it financially self-sufficient, the operation of the smelting factories will be continued, and it was decided to exempt 10% of customs duty on the export of rebar produced in the country.

The leadership of the Ministry of Finance and the relevant authorities, by taking a good step toward improving the economic situation and specially the country's exports' growth, in a bilateral agreement, exempted 10% of the customs duty of the rebar produced in the country of which of 1000 tons are only exported to Pakistan and a ton worth more than USD 900. 

This is despite the fact that before these scrap metals were exported to neighboring countries at a value of 300 $USD per ton, and by the repeated request of the industrialists, they were totally banned by the government. Therefore, in order not to harm the national traders and investors, according to the agreement above, the domestic products rebar will be exported to the regional countries without any difficulty.