Nimroz Customs House to Operate 24 hours to Improve Cross-border Trade Facilitation

Sun, Apr 21 2019 10:36 AM
گمرک نیمروز به منظور ایجاد سهولت بیشتر به سکتور خصوصی بطور ۲۴ ساعته آغاز به فعالیت نمود

The Ministry of Finance’s delegation led by Mr. Ahmad Reshad Popal, the Director General of Afghan Customs Department, on a trip to western Nimroz province, met Nimroz Governor, Mayor, Customs officials, trader, investors, and Customs Clearance Agents.

The meetings were conducted to address the private sector challenges, observe the local Customs House infrastructure, and border agencies facilities, and to engage with local merchants and investors on improving the environment for cross-border trade. He also briefed the local authorities and people of the planned investments and reform packages for the Nimroz province. 

In addition, to further facilitate cross-border trade, collect due revenue, and reach to the target set financial target, Mr. Popal instructed the Nimroz Customs officials to work on 24 hours bases starting April 21, 2019.

گمرک نیمروز به منظور ایجاد سهولت بیشتر به سکتور خصوصی بطور ۲۴ ساعته آغاز به فعالیت نمود
Also, the delegation had a meeting with Iranian Customs Officials to discuss customs issues including anti-smuggling efforts for the Gamshad illegal border ways, Afghanistan transit cargo challenges inside Iranian territory, Export and import of non-quality petroleum products, and equal and fair treatment with the process of Iranian and non-Iranian goods.
The delegation also called on the Iranian side to consider operating 24 hours bases for improved trade relations.


It is worth mentioning that prior to this, Afghanistan, India and Iran leaders have finalized the Chabahar Agreement to facilitate, improve, and strengthen the three countries’ trade and transit with the region. 

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