Sustainable Development Goals Fund Assessment International Conference was Held

Thu, May 28 2020 1:04 PM

On May 28, 2020 an international video conference was hosted by Turkmenistan to assess and discuss funding for Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations.

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals Coordinator, International Monetary Fund’s Executive Assistant, Ministers and Deputy Ministers of economy of Central Asian countries attended this meeting.

H.E Abdul HadiArghandiwal, Acting Minister of Finance, and H.E Mostafa Mastoor, Minister of Economy attended this conference on behalf of Afghanistan.

In the beginning, IMF executive assistant and UN SDG coordinator acknowledged that the Corona Virus pandemic hashad negative impact on international economy, commerce and transactions; this has increased poverty and unemployment at the international level.

In order to find a solution for this situation, countries need to establish a coordinated response, he added. Currently, UN predictions show3 to 4 percent reduction in the economic growth in Central Asian countries, he stated.

H.E. Arghandiwal, Acting Minister of Finance expressed his gratitudeto Turkmenistan for hosting the conference. He described Afghanistan’s efforts in forming financial packages to mitigate Coronavirus pandemic in Afghanistan; and added that the negative impacts of this epidemic is global.


Acting Minister of Finance stated that countries need to align SDG strategies and related programs in a manner that strengthens cooperation among them, and help them mitigate this pandemic’s adverse effects. Considering the current situation, it is necessary for countries to review their SDGs funding plans.

H.E. Mastoor, Minister of Economy indicatedthat Coronavirus pandemic has greatly hindered Afghanistan’s economic growth and will lead to unemployment. We are committed to fund SDGs, Afghanistan cabinet has endorsed the Strategy for 2020-2030, he added.

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