Ministry of Finance Ranked Top in Providing Information at the Government Level

Thu, Aug 08 2019 8:40 AM

Based on the first survey of Government Websites by the Commission of Access to Information, Ministry of Finance has been ranked uppermost in providing information at the government level.

In the program which was held on this occasion by the Commission of Access to Information in the government media and information center (GMIC) on August 07, 2019, the finding of the commission survey reports from the government websites were shared with relevant departments in presence of the media.

The survey included 52 government departments, according to which, all Departments were divided into three categories: top departments with a score of 90%, medium Departmnets with a score of 70% and poor Departments with a score of 50%.

The findings of the Commission's report on access to information were prepared in accordance with Article 15 of the Access to Information law,  based on that the departments should consider all indexes of the articles in publishing information.

The access to information commission submits its survey reports from the government websites every six months which is based on its first assessment, Ministries of Finance, Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock, Public Health and Municipality of Kabul are among the departments that completed all indicators of this assessment and are recognized as top ranked authorities in providing information.

It is worth mentioning that, the leadership of Ministry of Finance is committed to freedom of speech and access to information and have always strived to provide the information to the public and the media in a comprehensive and reliable manner using different available tools. In a previous survey of the commission, Ministry of Finance ranked the first at the government level and had obtained the golden key of providing information.

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