Senior Corporate Legal Specialist

Wed, May 10 2023 10:24 AM

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About Ministry of Finance:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Ministry of Finance in particular the SOEs and SOCs Directorate General along with other stockholders is responsible for the efficient implementation of the law across the whole portfolio of 35-SOEs and 14-SOCs as soon is enacted.

As the SOC law implementation is comprehensive and contain multitasking reform process such as SOEs and SOCs Legal Status changes, Introduction of New Supervisory Board, Management Units, Updating of SOC Charters and many other Business development functions. It is clear that capacity building and possible structural reform within the SOCs and SOC General Directorate areas of the Ministry of Finance would yield better results, both in the operations and as a contribution to mitigating the fiscal risk from the SOEs SOCs.


Job Description:

The Senior Corporate Legal Specialist will be closely working as a board of director member of a state-owned corporation under the direct supervision of state-owned corporation’s supervisory board. The specialist will closely work with in SOC and will attend the BOD meeting usually held quarterly as well as it’s held on emergency basis. The specialist key role is to ensure all activities and decisions are based on enforced rules and regulations and provide support on regularly basis to relevant departments of the SOC.


Job Requirements:

Roles & Responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities of the senior corporate legal specialist board member are as follow but not limited to:

  • Attending BOD meeting regularly according to the Law on SOCs.
  • Assist the SOC in implementing the plan and resolve any occasional discrepancies.
  • Provide, Review, monitor and evaluate the internal regulations, policies, procedures, guidelines, Memorandum of Understanding, and agreements for operational and executive process of the SOC.
  • Review and approve the recommended strategy by Executive board as per the SOCs law.
  • Evaluate the executive plan, Risk Management policies and regulations of the SOC.
  • Providing recommendation to Supervisory Board or General Assembly in case of necessity, as per the applicable law and regulations.
  • Scrutinizing, approving, or rejecting recommendations of Executive Committee.
  • Recruitment of Executive Board members based on merit and the SOCs law.
  • Developing Performance appraisal tools to assess executive boards performance during a given period.
  • Cooperation with the Supervisory board and Ministry of finance as per the SOC law.
  • Ensure the quarterly and yearly activity report, audit report, risk management, operational and financial report by SOC is prepared as per the SOCs law.
  • Constantly provide legal advice and recommend solutions for improvement of the SOC.
  • Review and Assessing SOC’s business plan and providing feedback during each stage (development, approval, implementation, and post implementation phase.
  • Advise and assist in analysis for complex legal issues.
  • Review the Audit yearly report regarding the SOC activities.
  • Review and analysis the quarterly and yearly activity reports of SOS.
  • Reporting to the SOCs Supervisory Board
  • Other responsibilities and duties according to the Law on SOCs


  • Plans and oversees own work, pays close attention to detail, and meets deadlines while producing excellent work.
  • Open to original concepts and known risks, a practical problem solver, and a maker of changes.
  • Open-minded and inquisitive, they share their knowledge, admit their faults, and solicit criticism.
  • Adapts to change, handles ambiguity and uncertainty in a positive way, and is adaptable.
  • Demonstrates motivation and ambition and is self-assured and capable of performing quietly under pressure.
  • Demonstrates empathy and understanding for others and builds strong bonds.
  • Recognize and respect differences, be cognizant of unconscious bias, and challenge discrimination.


Cross-Functional & Technical competencies:

  • System Thinking        
  • Being able to apply objective issue analysis and judgment to grasp how connected elements survive within a larger process or system and to consider how changing one element may affect other sections of the system.


  • Effective Decision-Making      
  • The capacity to make judgments quickly and effectively in accordance with one's authority, field of knowledge, and available resources.


  • Communication           
  • The capacity to express ideas verbally and in writing in a clear, succinct, and unambiguous manner; to modify messages and select communication techniques according to the audience.
  • Possess the ability to coordinate communications both internally and externally via media, social media, and other suitable platforms.


  • Digital Awareness and Literacy
  • Ability and inclination to rapidly adopt new technologies, either through skillfully grasping their usage or through understanding their impact and empowering others to use them as needed.


  • Operations Management          
  • Ability to effectively plan, organize and oversee the SOCs processes to convert its assets into the best results in the most efficient manner.
  • Knowledge of relevant concepts and mechanisms.


Job Requirements:

  1. Education
  • Bachelor’s and master’s degree holders (commercial law, public law, international trade law) ten and five years minimum experience in Government agencies and with international NGOs relevant financial experience required respectively.
  • Knowledge of data analytics and reporting related to law metrics.
  • Proficiency in MS Office.
  1. Experience
  • Prior GD-SOCs and Ministries experience and familiarity with its policies and procedures, particularly in the applicable job area, is an added advantage.
  • Law academic studies or certification from a reputable institution is a distinct advantage.
  1. Language
  • Fluency in Pashto, Dari, and English


Submission Guideline:

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their CVs with a detailed application letter and a contact details, no later than   23 May 2023 to below e-mail.

Please clearly indicate “position name vacancy number in the subject line.

Please do not attach your education and working experience documents.


Submission Email:

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