Afg- Chin Oil and Gas Ltd Announcements for Tender no: 006/SC/ 23


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Tender Type: Public Tender
Tender by: Afg-Chin Oil and Gas Limited a company as the Contractor and Operator Cooperating with Ministry of Mine and Petroleum Afghanistan for the execution of Exploration and Production Sharing Contract (EPEC) signed on Jan 2023 at present, oilfield exploration and development, production and surface engineering construction are carried out in north of Afghanistan.
Tender Title: Provision of Gravity and Geochemical Survey Services
Tender: 006/SC/ 23
Tender Information:
1- Scope of work:
Company is seeking one contractor who have proven track record worldwide and can provide the Gravity and Geochemical Survey services in the EPSC area in northern Afghanistan for the purpose of identifying potential prospects in the year of 2023.

Phase 1 has a confirmed gravity and geochemical survey of 1813 km2 over Block Bazarkami and north part of Block Kashkari in northern Afghanistan, and the survey point density is 4 stations per km2 for gravity and 1 station per km2 for Geochemical. Total workloads are 7355 points for gravity and 1813 points for geochemical survey.
Survey will be started in 30 days after signing the contract and will be finished within 9 months, the contract duration shall be valid for one year.
2- Interested bidder should pay fees before May 24, 2023 to get the full ITT document and the Tender Fee Amount is USD 100, Payment can be made by CASH or by other means:
Cash can be paid in our office in Kabul/Afghanistan
Kabul office: House No 2, Street No 12, Karte 3, Kabul, Afghanistan
Contact Mobile Number: 079-4528-269
b) Others Means, Contact: for the information.
3- If any questions, please contact by email:



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شرکت دولتی نفت و گاز افغانستان مربوط وزارت مالیه، قبلاً به تعداد (۱۳۳) بست های مختلف خویش را جهت جذب و استخدام افراد مسلکی و مجرب از طریق

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