Meeting Held to Transfer Fund through TT and Facilitate the Process of Purchasing Raw Materials

Mon, Sep 27 2021 8:54 PM

On Sep 27, 2021, According to the decision made by Afghanistan Islamic Emirate, a meeting was launched at the Ministry of Finance for following the previous meeting at Da Afghanistan Bank. This meeting held at Khybar Hall chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salaam Hanafi.

The meeting was also attended by Ministers of Economy, Commerce & Industry, President and VP of Da Afghanistan Bank, Deputy Ministers of Finance and related officials. The aim of the meeting was to transfer fund through TT and facilitated the imports of vital materials. 

Da Afghanistan Bank, by presenting the desired plan and the preliminary list of food and medical raw materials that need to be given priority to Afghanistan, noted that the necessary facilities should be provided. In this meeting, a decision was made to share this list with the Chamber of Industry and Mines, and in addition to preparing raw materials for domestic factories, other basic raw materials should be included in this list to solve the problem of food and medical shortages in the country and avoid rising prices. 

It was also decided that Da Afghanistan Bank and other related agencies should try to solve the banks’ problems gradually and in order to support and strengthen the domestic factories, all efforts should be made to control the price of raw materials.


Then, the traders reminded of a series of problems and challenges in Hairatan Port that the officials of the Ministry of Finance, after hearing their complaints, promised to solve the mentioned problems immediately and extend the Afghan visa for foreign technical workers and the necessary facilities are considered for Afghanistan's exports as well.